15 thoughts on “Swimming With the Mallards

  1. Birds of a feather flock together as that saying goes … hmm, I’ve never seen a goose like that and perhaps it felt a little out of place being the only goose there, but it seemed to be welcomed into the fold as you have shown with your pictures of them. Good quote as usual to accompany these photos.

      • Nature is so amazing isn’t it? I had a great morning and I hope my pictures came out – I’ve not looked at them yet. I was walking to the Park, my regular route, and saw a Mama Mallard near a sewer grate. She had two very tiny ducklings with her and she was pacing back and forth … I knew what was wrong immediately and looked in. I saw two ducklings and they were quacking away. I called the police to get animal control to rescue them and said I’d stay with her – she was upset and the ducklings kept walking over the grate (I thought more would fall in). Meanwhile a crowd gathered and some were rescued by a neighbor and the rest were rescued from Animal Control A great group of people and Mama just waddled away with her ducklings trailing behind her. There was a twist at the end – I’ll keep you in suspense til I do the post. 🙂

      • Sounds like quite an eventful morning. I’m glad to hear all the ducklings were rescued! I can’t wait to see photos and find out the ending.

      • Rebecca – I’m going to write the post tonight because it was such a fun and exciting story and I want to share it. We had torrential rains all day, so no walk for me this morning, giving me time to sort through all the pictures. It was nice seeing people pulling together – it warmed my heart. Hope you like it … and the little twist at the end.

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