A Little Wren

Last year, a little wren built a nest in the eaves of my back patio to raise her young.  This year, she decided to relocate to a patio table and tuck the nest between a bale of straw and two wicker flower baskets which are sitting against a wall.

One afternoon I was sitting out on a bench a short distance from the patio, unaware that she had relocated, when she decided that it would be a good time to work on the new nest. My presence, however, was intruding upon her plans.

Despite my proximity, she proceeded to bring pine needles, dried leaves and bits of moss to form her new home. 

I have to say that I admired her courage and tenacity.

“May your choices reflect your hopes, not your fears.”  ~Nelson Mandela

9 thoughts on “A Little Wren

  1. Lovely!
    The Wren we have in the UK is a bit different. The male will build several nests and the lady will chose which she thinks best which is then lined before egg laying, all the rejected ones never get used.

    • Thanks! That’s very interesting! Both the female and male were watching the nest this afternoon while I was out. It’s hard to avoid the area since it’s right outside my back door.

  2. They are such sweet little birds. I have a few wren houses in my yard. Love to watch them. Your photos are outstanding.

  3. Sweet shots, Rebecca. A pair of Carolina Wrens just this weekend built a nest in a basket of faux flowers I have hanging under our front porch light. I always thought they were shy birds, but I guess not!

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