Roadside Beauties

The ditches running beside the country roads are sprinkled with a variety of seasonal flowers. Though often overlooked, they add beauty, color and texture to the landscape for all to enjoy.

Fiery red Cardinal flowers …

… growing together with showy pink clusters of milkweed.

Ironweed’s deep purple blooms …

… surrounded by a variety of other late summer beauties.

“If you look the right way, you can see that the whole world is a garden.” ~Frances Hodgson Burnett

12 thoughts on “Roadside Beauties

  1. These are so pretty and what a nice quote from Frances Hodgson Burnett – I loved The Secret Garden and recently re-read it. It’s nice to see these flowers up close because we often do just pass them by in our cars.

  2. Very pretty Rebecca especially the milkweed and butterfly shots … so delicate. Did you see any hummingbirds by the cardinal flowers? At the Botanical Gardens, they had a cardinal flower vine which they said grew from a small pot and climbed to the top of the metal sphere and back down across to the other side from Spring until Fall when they take the plants away to overwinter them. They said it was a hummingbird magnet. They did not have it this year for some reason. The hibiscus and trumpet vine flowers are also pretty – amazing these tropical flowers flourish, just dependent on Mother Nature to provide the rain, but no special fertilizer or TLC.

    • Thanks, Linda! No, I didn’t see any hummingbirds around these cardinal flowers. There is a butterfly garden near us where I often see hummingbirds flying around Salvia. They really seem to like those flowers also. As hot and humid as it has been this summer, I think tropical flowers would flourish here just fine. 🙂

      • As many times as I’ve been to the Botanical Gardens, I’ve yet to see a hummingbird, even in this year’s tropical-like temps. The Michigan hummingbirds have left the state as of last week, but the beautiful wildflowers will linger on (your climate longer than mine, although you don’t know with climate change these days).

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