The black and yellow garden spider is an orb spider that is often seen in the late summer. These brightly colored spiders build wheel-shaped webs with a zig-zag of thicker silk in the center. There, they patiently await their prey, which is then injected with venom and wrapped in a cocoon of silk for a future meal.

These two orb weavers had webs secured up high between two trees where they patiently laid in wait.

This funnel-web spider built a sheet-like web and positioned itself right outside of its burrow to await its next meal.

Though technically not a spider, but an arachnid, this harvestmen or “daddy longlegs” and his shadow were crawling along on a fallen tree in the woods, probably scavenging for food. Harvestmen are most often seen in the late summer and early fall around harvest time, thus their name. This one seems to be missing some legs which, unfortunately, will not grow back.

“Will you walk into my parlour? Said the spider to a fly: ‘Tis the prettiest little parlour That ever you did spy.” ~Mary Howitt

10 thoughts on “Spiders

  1. Spiders are fascinating to watch as they spin such meticulous webs. The designs are like snowflakes with no two alike. You do such a grand job of capturing this

  2. Spiders amaze and scare me, but if I’m far enough away, I do like to watch them doing their handiwork. I like the orb weavers best – the funnel type webs and when the spider all of a sudden runs out and sits there on its web give me cause to pause. This scaredy-cat is A-okay with Daddy Longlegs though.

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