Standing Still

Driving along a country road near the levee, we encountered these deer standing motionless out in the back of a farm field. Undoubtedly, they were watching closely, ready to retreat back into the woods at the least unexpected noise or movement.

“Nature’s music is never over; her silences are pauses, not conclusions.” ~Mary Webb

7 thoughts on “Standing Still

      • Yes, you’re right. I follow some nature sites on Facebook and one is Nottingham Nature Nook (they also have a regular website) in Lansing, Michigan. I feel so badly for Cheryl who runs this non-profit sanctuary where she rehabs wildlife. She takes care of a lot of fawns and adult deer as well and when rehabbed, she releases them to a wooded area. The City decided again this year to cull the deer herd and killed 79 of them. She pleaded with them not to do it and people signed petitions or called the City, but they went ahead anyway. She had some beautiful pictures of the deer and fawn.

      • Yes, I couldn’t do that – it would be too upsetting. She names each animal brought to her for rehabbing, then releases it if they’re healthy – otherwise she keeps them at her sanctuary.

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