Frosty Knees & Decorated Trees

Last time we were at Reelfoot Lake, ice formations made by windblown spray decorated the cypress knees and bases of the trees.  For the most part, our winter has been mild, with temperatures going from freezing at night to above freezing in the daytime, so though the ice wasn’t as thick as it has been in the past, it was still an impressive and beautiful sight.

The winter tree is a snowflake dressed in grace and bones, a simple miracle to behold on winter’s lonely road.”  ~Angie Weiland-Crosby

11 thoughts on “Frosty Knees & Decorated Trees

  1. This ice on the trees is stunning and I think when I first started following your blog it was in Winter and you had equally as beautiful pics at that time. Even a lowly icicle can be beautiful, especially if you can see a prism in it.

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