Eagles at the Levee

We enjoy driving along the Mississippi levee at this time of year to watch these beautiful birds nesting and perching high up in the tree tops or soaring in the sky. From this vantage point, they can keep their eyes on the river in search of fish and other prey.

“If we never had the courage to take a leap of faith, we’d be cheating God out of a chance to mount us up with wings like eagles and watch us soar.” ~Jen Stephens

11 thoughts on “Eagles at the Levee

  1. He will raise us up on eagle’s wings, bear us on the breath of dawn, make us to shine like the sun and hold us in the palm of His hand. Lovely images, Rebecca.

  2. Beautiful up-close shots of the eagles Rebecca. That is a great shot of the nest too – it’s amazing how large it is and just an assortment of twigs fashioned together to make up the nest. I like watching the web cams when there are eaglets and I marvel at the close-ups of the large nests.

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