Flitting In the Treetops

Walking along the boardwalk, you could hear the lively chirping of birds as they fluttered among the branches high up in the tops of the bald cypress trees.

One of the most visible was the Yellow-rumped (Myrtle) Warbler which weaved in and out of the branches, flashing its bright yellow rump and sides as it searched for insects.

An energetic female Red-winged Blackbird clung to branches and did acrobatics as she used her beak to pick treats from among the greenery.

The most flashy of the birds was the Prothonotary Warbler with its bright yellow feathers. Migrating here in early spring, it spends the breeding season nesting and hunting for its favorite diet of insects and snails.

What a delight to be able to hear and observe these busy little birds.

“Spring would not be spring without bird songs.” ~Francis M. Chapman

9 thoughts on “Flitting In the Treetops

  1. My favorite of these shots was the bright-colored Prothonotary Warbler – you cannot miss him in the trees. Our birds are not as fortunate here as cold weather lingers so I wonder if there are grubs and insects to be found here or they must wait a few months? I wonder what they are existing on as there are no berries yet either. Here in SE Michigan, they are not discouraging using birdfeeders due to avian flu, but I know some people have taken their feeders down until this avian flu problem passes.

    • The Prothonotary Warbler is indeed a beautiful little bird. They really stand out among the greenery of the cypress. I’m hoping that the warblers and other songbirds will eat some of our mosquitoes. They are already being quite the nuisance.

      • Very pretty. They are more vibrant than Goldfinch which you can’t miss in the leaves because of their yellow bodies. That’s too bad about the mosquitoes – too early to think mosquitoes, though one got me a few weeks ago. Every year I get the little ants on one side of my house and it lasts about six weeks and they’re gone … they emerged yesterday. I wonder why God made bugs sometimes?

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