Iris Time Again

The month of May brings with it many beautiful colors of Iris flowers to the gardens — a most magical time.

“A little flower that blooms in May
A lovely sunset at the end of a day
Someone helping a stranger along the way
That’s heaven to me.”
~ Sam Cooke, “That’s Heaven To Me”

12 thoughts on “Iris Time Again

    • It is amazing how many different colors they come in. It’s fun to add to the collection each year. Daffodils are the same. Growing up, I only remember seeing the classic ones. Now you can buy them with a variety of colors and layers of petals. A friend gave me some from her garden, and I can’t wait to see them bloom.

      • Interesting and yes, I only ever remember the regular yellow daffodils; I see more white ones with yellow centers than the traditional ones these days. Hope they come up well for you.

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