Sometimes when we drive along Mississippi River farmland we see very little. On our last drive, however, we hit the jackpot. A field dotted with beautiful Great Egrets and a single string of White Pelicans fishing in standing water graced the landscape.

“A philosophy of life: I’m an adventurer, looking for treasure.” ~Paulo Coelho

15 thoughts on “Jackpot

  1. You sure did hit a jackpot Rebecca! All of these white birds just lit up the water. The egrets are dotted in the water so randomly, yet the white pelicans are in such a perfect straight line.

    • The white pelicans stayed in their perfect line the whole time we were watching. They looked out of place among all the egrets but it was fun to watch them forage in the shallow water.

      • Amazing the pelicans are in such a perfect queue! You were lucky to be in the right place and right time Rebecca. A fellow blogger who also likes white pelicans, in a recent post mentioned that white pelicans all have blue eyes – interesting little tidbit.

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