Swallowtail on Buttonbush

Buttonbush is a wetland shrub whose creamy, ball-shaped blossoms attract many pollinators, including this Eastern Tiger Swallowtail.

“Tremendous beauty can be found in the tiniest of things… for who has ever thought to rival that of a butterfly’s wing.”  ~Kristen D’Angelo

13 thoughts on “Swallowtail on Buttonbush

  1. They are such beautiful butterflies aren’t they? Your butterfly has perfect wings, not a single tatter on the hind wings. I was at the volunteer garden last week and saw some Swallowtails on the Lantana. Last year the orange Lantana was a magnet for the Monarchs – this time, no Monarchs, just these beauties. Like you, I was enjoying the butterflies without any gardening effort!

    • This one is still in good shape, but it is still early in the butterfly season. Probably by fall it will be more tattered. I saw this one in the Wildlife Refuge.

      • I have seen some butterflies where I wonder how they can fly as their wings are so tattered.
        Your Reelfoot Wildlife Refuge is nice – that is where you get a lot of your bird photos, pelicans, herons … even the ball of snakes.

  2. Butterflies have such significance because they are so intricately designed and beautiful, but the fact that they start as insignificant caterpillars and morph into such beauties is a reminder of how God designed each of us to be unique and special. Lovely photos.

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