Grabbing Some Grub

While driving along a road that runs through the refuge, we spotted several different raccoons, including young ones, walking around in shallow swampy water.  With the extremely hot temperatures and sparse rain, the pools were a popular place. At first appearance, the raccoons seemed to be wandering aimlessly around in the water.  However, after watching for a while, it became obvious that they were very methodically scanning the bottom of the pools with their sensitive paws in search of food.  It was interesting to watch the raccoons use their human-like hands to catch and handle the crayfish and frogs that they pulled from the water.

An objective is an ambition, and life without ambition is … well, aimless wandering.”  ~Alfred Wainwright

15 thoughts on “Grabbing Some Grub

    • Thanks Kathy. I’m sure the watering hole was easy pickings for the raccoons. Our water levels are way down, so I imagine being in the water on a hot, humid day also felt good.

  1. I have never seen a picture of a wet raccoon Rebecca, so the photos and video are my first. I’m thinking that if not for the “mask” I would not recognize it,especially with that usually bushy ringed tail soaking wet. He/she was pretty adept at following something beneath the surface in the video, tracking it all over. You have the same green in your water – ours is so thick with algae sometimes, especially in the heat of Summer, but also that tiny frogbit takes over the water.

    • I understand that raccoon paws are extremely sensitive. Pretty amazing that it can find small animals under the water just by feeling. The green in the water may be duckweed. There is a lot of it around this area.

      • I liked watching that raccoon fishing with its paws in the video. I just Googled duckweed – that looks like what we have. The frogbit looks like tiny lilies.

    • Thanks, Sharon. We’ve driven down this road many times and this was the first time that I had ever observed them doing this. It was interesting to watch.

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