New Every Day

I never tire of looking toward the west to see the lighting, shapes and colors which combine to create a unique masterpiece in the evening sky.

“How great is it to live under a sky that is repainted every day by the greatest artist.” ~Unknown

14 thoughts on “New Every Day

  1. There is something magical about the sky in autumn. I’m sure there’s a reason like refracted light or ice crystals, but I think it’s just another masterpiece being created by the finger of God!

  2. Beautiful images capturing the close of the day Rebecca. I am sorry I can’t view sunset or sunrise from my home as rooftops and utility wires get in the way and going to the river for a clear vista during these crime-ridden times if its dusk/dark is not a good idea. One day I will find someone to make that short journey with, so in the meantime I will enjoy your photos of the sky, clouds and sunset instead.

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