Autumn Day on the Lake

A beautiful, cloudless autumn day out on the lake. The needles of the Cypress trees are turning a rich orange-brown color, adding to the beauty of the landscape.

The water level was the lowest that I’ve ever seen it. You can tell by looking at the lines on the base of some of the Cypress trees where the water level normally is.

“Is not this a true autumn day? Just the still melancholy that I loveβ€”that makes life and nature harmonize.”  ~George Eliot

21 thoughts on “Autumn Day on the Lake

  1. What a gorgeous Fall day Rebecca. The reflections really are amazing this time of year aren’t they? I saw my first Kingfisher three weeks ago but it was far away and I’m sure when I look at the photos it will be a dark blob, so I will enjoy yours here. The Egrets are stunning with their regal beauty as well. As to the water level, we have had such a wonderful Fall, lots of warm and sunny days, so I’ve gotten out more than usual – usually we have a few soggy weekends this time of year. We are 9 1/2 inches below normal for water and many of the lagoons and marshes, even a vernal pool at Humbug Marsh, all are totally dry. I’ve taken photos and even if we get a lot of rain (like tomorrow’s all-day rain), or a lot of snow, I don’t see them filling up anytime soon – climate change is so sad. (I’m horribly behind here – 10 days behind in Reader and taking advantage of a very foggy morning before I go out to rake leaves later.)

    • Thanks, Linda. We were in a canoe and were able to stop paddling and slowly float closer and closer to the Kingfisher. I was surprised that it sat on the branch so long. They are normally so skittish. Our water levels are really low. I’m particularly worried about the Mississippi River which is so low that the barges are having trouble getting through in places.

      • I didn’t know you went by canoe to take some of your shots Rebecca … that would sure give you a chance to get even closer to their habitat. You sure were lucky to be that close to the Kingfisher. That was a great shot. I have seen pictures of the Mississippi River and read about the worries about the barges and it’s amazing how low the water level is and now I understand the Ohio River is the same. It’s quite disheartening seeing the dried up marshes, lagoons and ponds.

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