15 thoughts on “Monarch Butterfly and a Potter Wasp

  1. A “twofer” – you lucked out here didn’t you? The Monarch is so beautiful and delicate, even more so when we see the video and those wings gently opening and closing. What a beautiful creature – I hope we can take better care of them.

    • I sure did! I had no idea that little wasp was photobombing the monarch photos. 🙂 The Monarch didn’t seem to mind at all. Yes, I really hate to hear that the Monarchs are endangered.

      • Photobombs are fun sometimes. The Monarch was so beautiful — I like when they flip their wings gently like that. At least people know about the Monarch’s plight now, so maybe less pesticide and more planting of milkweed will ensure they are around for longer than predicted.

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