Rose-breasted Grosbeak

It is common for the Rose-breasted Grosbeak to migrate through our area in the spring. I heard reports of them being here in late April, but only spotted them in my yard this past week. The male, with his bright red patch, was the first to make an appearance, followed shortly by the brown and white female. Seeing these birds is one of the highlights of my spring.

“Last week, when I went early into my garden, a rose-breasted grosbeak was sitting on the fence. Oh, he was beautiful as a flower. I hardly dared to breathe, I did not stir, and we gazed at each other fully five minutes before he concluded to move.” ~Celia Thaxter

14 thoughts on “Rose-breasted Grosbeak

  1. Beautiful birds. I haven’t seen any Grosbeaks similar to the Rose-breasted Grosbeak out here. I’ve seen blue and black-headed grosbeaks out here.

  2. He’s a beauty! Just this morning I saw my first male RBG at my feeder (as well as three evening grosbeaks) and was thrilled! I think his voice sounds like a squeaky gate. 🙂

  3. They’ve been at my feeder in Jackson,TN for the past two weeks or so but today is the first day that I did not see them. I think mine have moved on for this year. Ive had about 4 pairs. Caught sight of an indigo bunting a time or two as well.

    • I only saw the one pair and haven’t seen them again in several days. We have also had indigo bunting and gold finch. The three together make quite a welcome splash of color.

  4. Beautiful coloring for the male and the female looks like it is easy to identify with its stripes and beak shape. Lucky you to see these pretty birds Rebecca. I still have never seen one, but we have them here in SE Michigan. I follow a local Wild Birds Unlimited, a store owned by my former HVAC tech for years; he and his wife saw them recently at their backyard feeder.

    • Though slightly bigger, the female can blend in with the finches and would be easy to miss if you weren’t looking for her. They have a very nice disposition and even though slightly bigger than the other birds, get along well and don’t hog the feeder. Of course, the male stands out like a sore thumb. 🙂

      • I hope to see one — I’ll have to enjoy yours in the interim. The females are like the Red-winged Blackbird, really nondescript, unless you hear their call.

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