Promenading peacocks

Back in the spring, while my grandkids were visiting for spring break, we took them to a nearby animal park.  One of the highlights of the trip for me was seeing the beautiful peacocks.  They were really putting on a show the day we visited.

My personal favorite was the white peacock handsomely tailored in his dazzling, snowy plumage which was highlighted in great delicate detail.


Then came the exotic Indian peacock, looking all snazzy in his colorfully embellished plumage attractively displayed for all to see.


Also making a bold statement was the female peahen, all dolled up and sashaying about, showing off her best sides,


followed by this pied white peacock, all gussied up in his ornate colors of great daring and originality.

Each peacock had a look of their own, making for a most enjoyable show.

“People will stare.  Make it worth their while.”  ~Harry Winston

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