Feasting on sumac berries

There’s a spot on our country road where we often see bluebirds fluttering about.  On this day, they were enticed by the deep red clusters of sumac berries growing wild along the road.   These berries are an important source of food for them during the winter months.

“God gives every bird its food, but does not throw it into the nest.”  ~Danish Proverb

10 thoughts on “Feasting on sumac berries

    • Thanks, Linda. I’ve never seen one in my yard. Our neighbor down the road says that they come to her birdbath all the time. That has to be a treat to watch each day. 🙂

      • Oh how nice – watching from your window while they enjoy a bath. I had hoped to bluebirds at Lake Erie Metropark because someone built wooden bluebird nesting boxes and nailed them on trees near the shoreline … no luck seeing any parents or offspring yet, but I am always hopeful.

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